Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentine's Day! I realize that I've been MIA since before the start of this year. I can't explain it, but it's taken me awhile to get into the swing of 2012. For one thing, I had a massive case of startitis that I couldn't shake when January 1st rolled around. Plus, I had a birthday thrown in there somewhere, which always throws me for a loop. I do love Valentine's day though, especially because it always gives me a reason to knit a cute little creature, like Louie the Lovebot for my daughter.

Even though I had startitis at the beginning of the year, I've managed to knit a few things. My husband was sweet and gave me yarn and a pattern to go along with it, so I whipped up an eternity scarf. It was a fun knit, and it's fun to wear, so win win.

I also knitted up a Pookie for my daughter. I guess I don't need Valentine's day as my only good reason to knit up something fun. This little guy popped up in one of my Ravelry friend's favorites, and I just had to knit one!

I also knit the Pullover version of the cardigan I mentioned a few posts back. I was in a big box store and saw Thick and Quick on sale. Pair that with some fingers itching for a bulky, quick knit, and I figured it was worth picking up a short-sleeved sweater's worth of the stuff. Usually acrylic is not my thing, but this yarn did me a solid when I knit up the huge monster featured in my banner up top. I considered it to be a wooly (or I guess not so wooly) experiment.

Four and a half days later, and I had a sweater! It was a quick knit and the yarn behaved, so far, so good. I wore it out on a 49 degree day with a long sleeved t-shirt, and it felt just right for the day. So far, it held up well for the first wearing. Not bad.

I hope that you and yours and having a wonderful Valentine's Day! Tuesdays are very busy in our house, but I did manage to whip this up for dinner:

Heart-shaped mini honey-mustard meatloaves with roasted potatoes and salad - a family favorite of ours. :)

And we had red velvet cupcakes for dessert!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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