Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just Another WIP Wednesday….

Happy Spring!

I realize a lot of time has passed by since my last WIP Wednesday, but despite my absence, I have been knitting along.  Before I get to my WIPs, I thought I'd share a few projects that have been on my needles over the past couple of months.

We went down to visit my family for Easter, so I knitted some creatures for the NJ kids and my daughter as Easter gifts out of Rebecca Danger's book, 50 Yards of Fun: Knitting Toys from Scrap Yarn.  Here's the cast of characters lined up for their photo op before they were gifted to the kidlings:

They were each a very quick knit. In fact, I started and finished the monkey on the sly on the day before Easter. Phew!

Malabrigo March flew by. I knit a Stereo cuff for my sister for her birthday, and I was lucky enough to have it featured on the Ravelry Community Eye Candy for a day.

This is a really enjoyable project that goes really quickly, once you string on all the beads!

I also joined a fun KAL for a Carabe sweater. I only managed to get the body and button band knit up by March 31st.  I can't find the progress shot to post here, but if you click on the link above, it will bring you to my project page.  I had started the sleeves and knit about 3 inches before I realized that my knitting was crazy tight, most likely due to my using the magic loop method.  I didn't like how this looked at all, so I ripped the sleeve back. Now the sweater is languishing while it waits for me to pick up a set of double pointed needles in size 7.  One of these days I will!  I'm presently distracted by other projects.

Which brings me to my current WIP! I'm crocheting a Blooming Flower Cushion for my craft room. I had my eye on this project for awhile. After becoming frustrated by the cardigan and being disinterested in the other UFOs I have had brewing for awhile, I decided to work on something fun. This project is very entertaining with all of the color changes, and it becomes rhythmic after awhile. I'm at a stopping point for now because the flower is now at about 13"across, and I want to go shopping for an insert before I continue, so I don't have to rip any of the pretty layers out. Here's what it looks like:

Now I am a crochet novice, so my flower is a little wonky, but it's nothing that an iron can't fix. I noticed as I was crocheting along that some of the petals like to squish up a bit, so I think pressing them down will do the trick.

That's the story for this WIP Wednesday! Hope you are all working on fun projects right now!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Betsy!

As promised, I'm back this Wednesday with my current project on the needles (or at least the project I'm actively working on.). It's another Betsy! I realize that I haven't showed you the finished version of the Betsy that I was knitting last week, and a photo of that is coming soon.  My daughter loved the way that mine turned out, and she asked me to knit her one. A cute hat out of bulky weight yarn? Sure! This hat is being knit out of Malabrigo Rios in the Bobby Blue colorway, and I'm holding the yarn double as I knit along. So far, the fabric of the hat is knitting up so cushy and warm. I hope she loves it!

I apologize for the nighttime photo. The lighting isn't great, but you can check out my progress.

I'll be back with photos of the finished hats soon!
If you had a snow day like we did today, hope you are warm and knitting something fun. :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's My Birthday, and I'll Knit If I Want To!

Hello blogworld! I realize that it's been over a year (gulp!) since I've checked in with you all. I've been alive and well, and my absence can be explained by procrastination, writer's block, laziness, or take your pick! Not sure if you missed me or not, but know that I feel a tinge of guilt every time I see that my last post was December 24, 2012!

Nevertheless, here I am. It's my birthday today, and I figured it's as good a time as any to get back in the swing of blogging. I'm having a great day so far, and some of it has been spent knitting this hat.

The pattern is Betsy by Jane Richmond. I went to my LYS last week and fell in love with a gorgeous skein of Mecha in the Jupiter colorway. I have never knit with this base before, and so far it's a dream. The colors are so rich! Red isn't normally my thing, but I totally felt drawn to this color. Garnet is my birthstone, so maybe that had something to do with it!

Even though I've been absent from the blog, I've still been knitting, knitting, knitting. It would be ridiculous for me to list here all the projects I've been working on over the past year. Moving forward though, I would like to officially announce WIP Wednesdays on Kat knits a lot. That way I'll be sure to check in at least once a week!

I'm off to celebrate with the family, take-out, birthday cake (I hope!) and more knitting. :)

Hope all has been well with all of you!